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Undersun Advantage200 kinds of organic products + SC own factory + commodity inspection filing + R & D customization.

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  • 01FactorySafety and safety of natural raw materials
    haanxi Undersun has a history of"15 years”,its own production plant, 10,000 acres of raw material planting base.

    Strong technical R & D team, professional and experienced personnel, standard production equipment, strong production strength.

  • 02QualitySafety and safety of natural raw materials
    Shaanxi Undersun attaches great importance to the quality management system and has obtained ISO9001, SC certification and commodity inspection filing.

    The production process strictly enforces process requirements and quality standards to achieve product quality traceability.
  • 03 Aging Safety and safety of natural raw materials
    Shaanxi Undersun built a domestic 2000 square meter warehouse and a 700 square meter storage center in Los Angeles with sufficient stock in stock.

    Professional after-sales team, timely and efficient feedback on logistics information.

  • 04R & DSafety and safety of natural raw materials
    Target active ingredients and explore the purification process.

    Plant active ingredients are qualitative and quantitative.

    System solutions to determine efficacy compatibility.
  • 05Custom madeSafety and safety of natural raw materials
    Only you can not think, no I can not.

    You come, I process, I produce, you are affordable.

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