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1. Ketone series MCT POWDER processing new scheme of coffee solid beverage

(1) Helping customers to create their own brand,and fully support all aspects of brand creation and construction;

(2) Tracking the entire process from product concept generation to production,and saving customers' manpower,material resources and financial resources to a greater extent;

(3) Help customers to control brand building freely and flexibly,as well as the development and circulation of related products;

A brief introduction to MCT,and then talk about MCT's [weight loss principle]. In other words,why is MCT able to lose weight?Let's talk a little more about it:

Feature 1: MCT oil,which has low calories,which is lower than any common fat.It is the lowest card of a healthy fat.

Feature 2: MCT oil can help the body quickly enter the fat burning mode,enhance heat production and increase metabolic rate.Let the body metabolize faster. The advantage of MCT is that it maximizes the body's metabolic rate and allows the body to consume more during this time.Therefore,MCT combined with black coffee can become the best drink to improve the body's metabolic rate & anti-fatigue.

MCT Powder Price & Manufacturer % Factory

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